Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sharing from where you are

Will be preaching at our Thai church in a couple of hours. I am honoured that I was asked to share & am thankful that our pastor will be translating. His understanding of English is amazing.

I find preaching with a translator a real challenge because your flow from one thought to the next is broken from the pauses for translation. I preached on James 1:1-4 Joy in Challenges.

A Thai lady came up to me after the service & thanked me (in very good English) for my sermon because she needed it. I asked her name, where she was from & what her job was. She gave her name, said that she was from out of town & that she was a nurse. I thought that was good, but she said that she hated being a nurse. She continued to share that we all need something to do with our lives. I now really feel to pray for this lady as she walks through this challenge.