Sunday, 24 January 2016

Heavy Day

Challenging afternoon/evening. We took my little buddy to the orphanage. But before we could leave we had some major drama from his mother that really didn't care. Much of the community came out to see my buddy leave. It was hard for him. We then drove to the orphanage. It was wonderful place with lots of other kids that were kind & wanting to see their new brother.

When all of the official stuff was happening many times my buddy jumped into my arms because he was scared & needed some security. Inside I was amazed that he would run to me or (a couple of times) my director for security not any of his family that came (being all women.) Both of us being, loving, Christian men; father like figures to him.

It was a real challenge for my director to be close to my buddy's mum. She was emotionless for the most part during the whole process & was happy to sign her son over to the orphanage. When it was time to leave she did not hug, say "good bye" or that she would miss him.

When it was time to leave one of the missionaries living at the orphanage took my buddy & started walking towards the house. He started crying, tried to get out of her arms & calling for us. This was the time my director & I told everyone that we needed to leave before my buddy got worse.

When we arrived back at the community where the community centre is all of the community kids ran to us in the street asking where is our little buddy & when/will he ever come back. All of the poor community came together to tell us that our buddy needed help & a new home. It was good that they trusted us to help.

It was hard, but the right thing to do. Many times in life the most difficult things in life are the best things in the future.

"But I am always with you; you have held my hand." Psalm 73:23 NCV

Please pray for my buddy & his mother.