Monday, 29 September 2014

God Appointments

This evening I took a ywam missionary who is blind to the airport so that she could return to the US for health reasons. A cool connection is that she served in Mongolia for 7 years & left before we arrived in Mongolia years ago.

As we were walking up & down the airport talking together before her flight was to leave an older Thai man asked if we were on our honeymoon. I smiled & told him that we worked for the same organization & she was returning to the US for health reasons. I also told him that my family was at home in Chiang Mai sleeping. He apologized & with his wife went for a walk as he was waiting for his wife's flight to board.

As I brought my friend to the customs area, said goodbye to her & saw the older Thai man again. He said goodbye to his wife who was on the same flight as my friend/fellow missionary. His English was amazingly clear. He asked me how my Thai was, I then started speaking in Thai & he said it was really good. As we continued to talk he shared that he grew up in Bangkok & is going to retire with his wife in Chiang Mai this year. He asked if I was a missionary & shared that he learned English as a child by attending a church in Bangkok for years.

He gave me his name, asked for my name & mobile number & said he would call me. Before I arrived home he had called me so I could add his contact info on my mobile. Once home we texted back & forth a few times & will be getting together next week.

Please pray for the time next week when we will meet because I feel God brought us together for a reason.


Well we will bee meeting on Thursday & he asked to bring someone with him. Please pray for our meeting I have no idea what to expect, but know that I will want to find out more about him & will share parts of my life.