Sunday, 4 February 2018

Commitment & Time

Had an amazing night at the drop in centre. 2 years ago had a Thai family that lives next to the drop in centre not let their daughter/grand daughter come join our activities because we (the leaders) were Christians. The daughter/grand daughter would stand on the street looking in to the all the kids having fun each night for 2 years. Tonight the mum came in with her daughter. We talked in broken Thai & English, but she said that she wants to come every night we are opened with a big smile on her face. I was in shock. 

One of the older boys asked if we could have the baking lesson I had prepared (Teresa's grandfathers homemade pancake recipe). The mum ran faster than the kids & stood in front of 1 of the 2 baking tables I had set up. The excitement was unbelievable. Then when the 1st 2 batches of pancakes were done & we started eating 1 of the kids ran down the street. 15 community kids came running in all of a sudden. We had 22 kids & 1 mum on our 2nd evening being opened this year. 

The mum asked if I could teach baking & English to the adults in the community. Tonight was so exciting. 

On another note earlier in the evening I was walking  down the street from the centre where some of the kids live. An older man that has taken a liking to me took my arm & led me to down the alley to see if some of the kids were home. There were younger men sitting in front of the alley 3 of the 5 were high. My heart sank as I looked inside there home. It looked like a family of 5 in this house, a room 2x4 metres (6x12 feet). It was dark & very dirty.

God has opened the hearts of the kids to me years ago, but only this last few months while the drop in centre was closed has the hearts of the adults in the community opened wide to me. Please pray for us & this community.