Friday, 30 September 2016

On Our Knees

After a crazy stressful week with being robbed at home while we were asleep, teams of Thai police officers/investigators coming to ask questions & take photos. Our indoor cat getting out because the robbers left the door opened, having a bad cat fight, vet trips, meds, not eating for days, getting worse & worse to the point last night we thought she was having organ failure. We knew we were completely helpless.

Then we powerfully prayed saying Jesus was the only one in control of life or death (everything). This morning the change in our cat is amazing & here was my reading for today:

Colossians 1:24
We take our own spiritual consecration and try to make it into a call of God, but when we get right with Him He brushes all this aside. Then He gives us a tremendous, riveting pain to fasten our attention on something that we never even dreamed could be His call for us. And for one radiant, flashing moment we see His purpose, and we say, “Here am I! Send me” (Isaiah 6:8).

This call has nothing to do with personal sanctification, but with being made broken bread and poured-out wine. Yet God can never make us into wine if we object to the fingers He chooses to use to crush us. We say, “If God would only use His own fingers, and make me broken bread and poured-out wine in a special way, then I wouldn’t object!” But when He uses someone we dislike, or some set of circumstances to which we said we would never submit, to crush us, then we object. Yet we must never try to choose the place of our own martyrdom. If we are ever going to be made into wine, we will have to be crushed—you cannot drink grapes. Grapes become wine only when they have been squeezed.

I wonder what finger and thumb God has been using to squeeze you?...

Oswald Chambers