Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter Timing

Had a great night the community centre this evening. I popped some popcorn for the kids, took our DVD player & a movie about Jesus (Easter story). The kids asked to watch a Jesus movie 2 weeks ago so no better time than Palm Sunday.

We had 7 kids watch the movie in English. We stopped the movie just before Jesus' Crucifixion then our director who has being living in Thailand for over 10 years took his Action Bible & told the story of Jesus life in Thai so what they saw in the movie made sense. 3 of the kids said that they heard about the fable of Jesus before, but we said that Jesus was real & not a fable.

Tomorrow we will continue the movie with the death & resurrection of Jesus & continue the talk with them. So happy for the timing of them asking to watch a Jesus movie.

Please continue to pray for our community kids.