Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hit The Ground Running

awesome day. Started with giving my amazingly beautiful wife her morning coffee, got the kids lunches, left for my weekly men's small group, next to my son's school to prepare for his classes trip to Thai schools next week (teach English, play games & skits), then off to the foundation office to start the work permit process (expensive), back home to get lots of paperwork, back to the foundation office, then off to a pastors home to reprogram his PC because Windows went wonkie. Used Linux to prepare his PC then reprogrammed his PC with a new copy of Windows, back home for an hour, cycle 6km to Thai community centre teaching English, colouring & playing games, cycle back home (6km) help my daughter with her reading before bed, read read her Bible together, will tuck her in bed & rest for an hour before saying good night to my son. Man what a long day, non stop for over 12 hours. Tomorrow will be full, but slower thankfully.