Friday, 11 April 2014

Fear Not

We are now in Bangkok again. The army is everywhere you look, talking to people and checking under vehicles with mirrors for bombs. While we were in South Thailand a car bomb exploded 400km away from where we were in the city of Yala as Muslims and Buddhists continue to fight one another. In Bangkok there are still protests as the government and opposition struggle for power. Last month we had small bombs, mainly hand grenades go off in our city, Chiang Mai with only a couple of deaths and a few injuries. Fighting & death is here.
The Word that the Holy Spirit has been placing many verses in my mind lately, but the one that keeps coming back is:
"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear... 1John 4:18a"
Love in this verse is the Holy Spirit. Because we have the Holy Spirit living in us we have no fear in life or death. If we have fear, which Satan tries to convince us to have, the confidence in the power of Jesus death and resurrection is called into question. If we believe then fear is overtaken, or cast out.
We know that God wants us to be in Thailand, to live, to serve Him and others, to glorify Him. No matter what comes we can choose to walk without fear knowing the Holy Spirit is with us.
We have friends & other local Christians that are in far, far more dangerous places & live in the reality of death way more than we will ever know. We are servants for Christ & where ever we live need to take the message of Jesus Salvation seriously because we believe that all, everyone needs to hear it & have the choice to believe in it.