Thursday, 25 July 2013

In Thialand

This week has been very busy. I am happy to say that we arrived safely & all our bags arrived also. Praise God. It was a big help that Korean Air placed "Korean Air Elite" on our oversized bags. It was so cool that the Korean Air ticket agent thought we were amazing. This was after sharing with her that we are missionaries having lived in Mongolia, worked with the poor there & were now moving to Thailand to possibly do the same.

After 2 days had gotten over most of our jetleg & then started completely on our own the process of finding a home. This is the coolest thing & Teresa shared it best...

"So cool how God works....I have been looking on the internet for almost a year trying to get a feel for what area we were to live company always stood out and one real estate broker in particular...His name was Paul....Upon arriving at the airport, we were give a name of a real estate person to help us find a house....Paul and Esther...coincidence? Nope! It was the same guy! This Christian family is amazing! They even shared the love of Jesus with our new landlady who lives next door to us....Seeing God's leading and direction is so exciting!"

Ester our Thai real-estate agent went on to our blog before we met the 1st time & when she saw Teresa thought of working/leading in a mission for women & children. When she saw me on our blog thought of leading & teaching God's word in a church/Bible school environment. You never fully know God's plan, but we are excited to walk in faith to see where he directs us & are already excited for the Thai Christians God has lead to us & us to them.

Next is trying to find a car or small truck. Vehicles are super expensive here. 1/4 tons trucks from 1995-2000 are $10,000 CAD & cars are no different. Our 2004 Toyota Camry we had in Canada here sells for $10,000-12,000 CAD. Please pray for us as I have emailed a company this morning about a small truck.

I have been able to talk to many foreigners & have shared with them our lives. I have quietly prayed (in my head) for them as well as every Thai person I try to talk to or walk by. I pray that they in some way shape or form may experience the true love of Jesus & someday may know him personally.