Friday, 19 April 2013

Speaking has begun

Hi everyone please pray for us as I have sent all the paperwork for our kids schooling & have not heard back from them yet. I will call them next week which means another super late night, but want to be assured that the kids school applications will be read & will eventually be accepted.

Also I have started the paperwork for my Thai language visa, Teresa & the kids dependant visas. Please pray for this process as it can be a long one with so much paper, emails & express mail. We have purchased our tickets & the end of July is our date so a lot has to happen in this time.

Last Sunday I started visiting churches sharing about our new journey which will take us to Thailand. Sunday I will be at another church & almost every Sunday until July has been booked to share about Thailand. I am also speaking at youth meetings & men's breakfasts to share not just about Thailand, but the life of overseas missionaries.  Many ask how God has been using, shaping & changing us as individuals & a family.

I spent my afternoon sharing & encouraging a young pastor. I have spent a lot of time over the year listening & encouraging local church pastors who feel they have no one to talk to who understands the life they live. Most are burnt out & need a time of rest & to be encouraged.

We do need to increase our monthly financial support & I have started contacting people. Please contact me if you feel that you are to give to us. God is faithful in everything all the time.

We all are ready for what is next.