Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Something New

Hi everyone! I want to share the good news…I am taking over the leadership of the inner city drop-in/community centre I have been volunteering at for the last 3 years. 

I am excited to share with you all in more detail when I return to Canada soon. If you are elsewhere in the world, Western Canada or the States & would like to hear more please let me know. I will happily contact you to share more.

Here are some prayer needs:
1. That our new 1 year visas come very soon (old visas expire in 12 days)
2. We need a vehicle while back in Canada
3. To increase our personal prayer/financial support (the Cdn $ has devalued a lot since arriving 4 years ago)
4. Raise financial support for minor repairs, to purchase supplies & to run the community centre.
5. I need more staff local or foreign (at least 2 women & 1 male volunteers)
6. Another vehicle for me as wife & I usually go in opposite directions

Our usual attendance is 8-25 children ranging in age from 2-12yrs. 

The 2nd floor of the centre is unusable due to past termite damage. We currently use the little outside courtyard & some of the ground level rooms as they are made with concrete.