Monday, 30 November 2015

Hard Day

What a hard day at the community centre today was.

Normally the younger boys are not kind to the younger girls in the community & I have to tell them that if they are not going to be kind to the girls they have to leave. But, we do have a quiet, really nice & kind boy (age 12) that comes to the community centre. He is kind to everyone. Today I had to get after the 10 year old girls because they were being disrespectful, unkind & a bully (kicking & punching him when we were not looking) to this older kind boy. He would not fight the younger girls back. I had to tell the girls to "stop" & leave if they would not be kind to him.

In our community of young kids we have one super kind, friendly, gentle boy & the girls take the opportunity to bully him. This is a real challenge to keep his kindness to these girls & possibly girls in general. Please pray for this 12 year old boy.

Please pray for my little (4 yr old) buddy. Yesterday & today he came to our centre to play & was really dirty as usual. We found out today that his grandmother was no where to be found. One of the local mothers told us that he spends hours during each day alone as his grandmother is gone. He has no parents & has never seen them. This is so hard.

Our community centre director's wife talked about in the future getting him into an orphanage. It's a Christian one, but is far away from here. Doing what is best for children can be easy & hard at the same time.

Everyday I am at the centre he comes running with excitement, hugging my leg & will not let go. He will only let go of me after finishing 2 puzzles together on my lap.