Monday, 14 January 2013

It is worth it all

I sent & received a few text messages with my Mongolian SIM card on my mobile phone here in Canada this morning from one of our previous Mongolian language instructors. The 2nd last text was "I believe in God now." & her last text was "...I am so excited..." I was in tears when I received these texts & whenever I think about this more tears fall. I am so full of Joy!

We spent over 3 years living, studying Mongolian, investing in lasting relationships, a lot of super hard days (many times telling God is was too hard), a lot of pain/tears & serving people. But all of it is worth it. (Nehemiah 8:10)

A supporter shared with me this morning (it was on her calendar).

"Perhaps there are a few songs of joy in the harvest because there are few tears in the sowing." Charles Price

Close to where we used to live in Улаанбаатар Монгол (Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)
 The evening, night & morning air pollution most of the year